Is anyone else tired of the continuous circus put out by Prince Toadger and his grifter wife, a.k.a the Douche and Douchass of Suck-a-lot?

I created these images some time ago, and I wondered if I’d post them, but this never-ending reality show of their supposed “best love story ever” has passed its expiration date.

We have all seen the lies and fabrication of false stories, the outrageously dishonest narrative, and frankly, they’re as pathetic and irrelevant as Vain Wallis and her inconsistent husband Edward the Vacuous.

So I wanted to turn it into fun stuff, to bring comic relief, hence the toad.

The Prince Toadger, Douche of Suck-a-lot (or Suckeggs, depending on the business at hand), Earl of Dumb-like-no-one
It’s a Toad’s life, Poem about Prince Toadger and his worse half, Rachel Megaliar the Douchass of Suckeggs