Notre-Dame of the fire

Today, the iconic Cathedral of Paris, Notre-Dame has been ravaged by fire. The live feeds gave us an idea of what it must have been like, to see a city, or churches, castles, buildings being destroyed by flames in medieval times.

I used to be a student of the nearby University, the Sorbonne, and I often sat on a bench , on sunny days, to admire this gem, after a day’s of study.

Today, Notre-Dame was a prisoner of a blazing fire, and the images shocked the world.

Today, like so many, like you who have been to Paris and visited this incredible architecture masterwork, I am extremely saddened by this catastrophe.

Cathedral Notre-Dame has gained worldwide renewed fame with the animated movie The Hunchback of Notre-Dame and later with the eponymous musical, both based on the works of Victor Hugo.

Notre-Dame is unmistakeably linked to the very identity of Paris. more than 14 million visitors admire its architecture and beautiful works of art. Its building began in 1163 and was completed in 1345.

The rooster atop the spire of the cathedral contains 3 major relics : a piece of the Crown of throrns, (brough back from Jerusalem by King Saint Louis (Louis IX) after the 7th crusade, as the Crown of thorns was a gift from Baldwin II, Latin Emperor of Constantinople), a relic of Saint Denis (saint patron of paris and of France) and a relic of Saint Genevieve (saint patron of Paris , whose prayers stoped Atilla the Hun at the gates of Paris, thus saving the city, in 464). Luckily, 16 statues were taken from the roof recently to be restored, thus avoiding being destroyed in the collapse of the spire.

The roof over the choir has been entirely destroyed, we do not know yet how badly the rose windows and the panel windows dating from the 13th century have been damaged. Some statues, paintings, and church ritual objects have been severly damaged or destroyed.

Let’s keep Notre-Dame’s spirit alive and let’s give this old lady her splendour back.

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Cultural project about WW1



Hello friends


How time flies! The preparation for the exhibition (as part of the WW1 Cultural project) about the Forgotten Heroes of the Great War that I will be curating in March is taking up so much of my time. Between the research for documents, writing the texts, sourcing genuine artifacts on ebay, designing the posters for both the exhibition and the play, and all the side tasks required regarding the theatrical performance! ( I’ve been promoted to Sound operator last week! And decor assistant, meaning crafting a “trench”and false sand bags, and giving a hand with the costumes), I found no time to stop here and chat with you.

Exciting , exciting project and very time consuming. Not a single moment to get to draw, as I wished I would, after the Inktober challenge, which saw me so pumped up ! I received a fab graphic tablet for Christmas (thanks to DH) and the possibilities are just calling my name in a very tempting voice… Well, it’ll have to wait until all the panels are put together, and sent to the printer (which requires them for the 1st week of February, and OMG!!! it’s tomorrow the first day of the first week of Feb!!!!! *almost faints*) and I can get one hour or two to draw a beautiful ink scene.

Did I show you the poster? Maybe not, my memory has been experiencing an eclipse season lately.

I’ll just post it now, so you get an idea. Remember the silhoutes of soldiers I drew in October? Here they are, in the definitive layout.

Alright, it’s been nice taking a (too) short break to be with you, I go back to the maps of the world pre-1914 and the apetites of the colonial empires, and all the hot broth boiling with nationalist and independentist claims that was Europe just before the Archiduke got shot ( he should have stayed in bed that day poor sausage).




Bohemian Rhapsody Drawing



I went to the movies yesterday to watch Bohemian Rhapsody and it’s a magical, brilliant, amazing film.


So I made a quick ink drawing of the cast, based on a pic I found online.

Brian May/ Gwilym Lee may haveBoRhap cast FV required a little more detail to be entirely satisfying, but overall, it was a lovely thing to do.



Dice – Inktober2018 Day 31 – Last day


, ,

So it’s the last day of the drawing challenge, and the last prompt of Inktober is “Dice”. I wanted to  do the challenge, because I have this poster for a theatrical production about WW1 I have to design and draw, and I thought it might help me master the inking process. and indeed, it helped a great deal,, the team liked the idea I came up with and the composition I created!

My lovely sister told me thw drawing I did represent both the chances in life, the meanders, the fate, and the addiction one can develop for money games and casinos. She’s spot on. In fine, the perspective of quick gain alienates the gamer/player and controls him… chaining him/her even to its lures.

I have missed “Precious” and “Star”, because I was so sick with the flu. I’ll try to draw them today (no  promises here though).

It’s been quite interesting to participate in the challenge, it has helped me to get out of my self limitations regarding my ability to draw various things, and to explore various ways of inking or drawing, which I did not do before (the sky in “Chop”, the minimalist lines in “Flowing”, the mass of clouds in “Tranquil”, copying the pose and hands of Mona Lisa for “Drooling”, the difficulty of drawing and rendering transparent hands in “Double” a first!!!) and well, tackle challenging prompts that were uninspiring at first, but for which I found  a way to go around.

I love all the drawings I created, and my favorites are “Poisonous”, “Roasted”, “Guarded”, “Whale”, “Weak”, “Bottle”, and “Chop”.

I found a pattern in some of the ideas I can come up with and toying with them to turn them in a drawing, in the way that I like to twist things a bit, and convey a healthy dose of irony or absurdity sometimes, or non-sensical situations… I guess it may become my trademark 😉

So dear readers and loyal followers, I want to thank you for your kind support and your encouragements and your enthusiasm, your lovely comments and the visits.

I am glad I met fellow challengers whose work is also super creative and highly artistic, keep up the good job!

As for me, this challenge has been a good proof that I can draw and be happy with my skills, although I want to pursue that and continue to polish them and practice. It has been also a good way to inject more life into this blog and has put back on the saddle.

So, I decided to continue the daily ( if I can, life happens also outside the blogosphere) sketch, I will take the promps of the past years and continue to draw.

I wanted to perfect my skills, as I felt they were a bit rusty, because I had to design a poster for a theatrical production about WW1 I participate to with a theater company, and for which I am to organise an exhibition in connection with the theme of the play.

I will also take art into designing some decors that will be projected onto the background curtains ( skies, trenches, etc…).

I am more comfortable with my ability to draw intersting things in a very narrative way, now.

Thanks again, friends and readers, you really contributed a great deal to my finsihing this challenge in high spirits! A big shout out for all those who participated in the challenge too, the clue’s in the name, it’s a challenge rally, because some day you have very little time, some days, you don’t “feel” the prompt, some days you are just not in the mood, some days, the day is crazy… but in the end, the satisfaction of creating a new piece of art is so fulfilling, and overcoming our fear to not draw something good or that make sense is a big piece in the process too . I admire also people who can produce somethign creative everyday, be it poetry, text, art, music.

To thee, I say : bravo, my friend.

And to my fellow challengers, I say gleefully : . YES!!!! WE DID IT!

*virtual hug*

See you tomorrow 😉 Dice - Inktober2018 FV





Double -Inktober2018 Day 29


, ,

So, my drawing for today’s Inktober prompt turned out to look a bit like the 11th Doctor ( Matt Smith, aka Doctor Fez).

Now, I’m a fan of the Doctor, so I’m quite happy with the result. It was also quickly done, so the hands could have been more detailed or more finely drawn. Ah, next time…

Double Inktober FV

Gift – Inktober2018 Day 28


, ,

Well, for Inktober’s prompt is GIFT, so yes, I did end up drawing a gift, although I wanted to be more dark and draw a bomb being dropped, with a big ribbon, and a tag saying “welcome to democracy” .

But I refrained from doing it, because it would be so utterly cynical, and it could be so dark and depressing. And we need joy rather than gloom…

So, hands offering a gift , and the bow opeing its wings like butterflies do..


Gift - Inktober2018 FV_1

Chop – Inktober2018 Day 24


, ,

Sooooo, been quite busy, no time to draw earlier.

Inktober today wants us to … chop…

So here it is. A bit on the gorific side, but hey, Inktober is to explore and pratice, and sharpen skills…

Update ; The executionner’s face really screams : No mercy! and what an irony that is, given all the hearts he carries on his clothes , symbol of kindness and love…


Inktobet chop FV