Double -Inktober2018 Day 29


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So, my drawing for today’s Inktober prompt turned out to look a bit like the 11th Doctor ( Matt Smith, aka Doctor Fez).

Now, I’m a fan of the Doctor, so I’m quite happy with the result. It was also quickly done, so the hands could have been more detailed or more finely drawn. Ah, next time…

Double Inktober FV

Gift – Inktober2018 Day 28


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Well, for Inktober’s prompt is GIFT, so yes, I did end up drawing a gift, although I wanted to be more dark and draw a bomb being dropped, with a big ribbon, and a tag saying “welcome to democracy” .

But I refrained from doing it, because it would be so utterly cynical, and it could be so dark and depressing. And we need joy rather than gloom…

So, hands offering a gift , and the bow opeing its wings like butterflies do..


Gift - Inktober2018 FV_1

Chop – Inktober2018 Day 24


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Sooooo, been quite busy, no time to draw earlier.

Inktober today wants us to … chop…

So here it is. A bit on the gorific side, but hey, Inktober is to explore and pratice, and sharpen skills…

Update ; The executionner’s face really screams : No mercy! and what an irony that is, given all the hearts he carries on his clothes , symbol of kindness and love…


Inktobet chop FV


Expensive – Inktober2018 day 22


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Quick ink drawing, today’s Inktober prompt, “expensive” , was not so inspiring, I thought. I do not own a single pair of the famous “red sole shoes” and probably never will, and that’s fine. I’d rather splurge money on books, travel or restaurant with  very good red burgundy wines with friends and family 😉Expensive -Inktober2018 FV




Swollen – Inktober2018 Day 17


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Swollen, well, this Inktober prompt was really not inspiring… so I drew something grafiti style( or graph as  I used to call the rare ones I did  (on paper only) my youth).

A bit on the bondage side, but hey, it takes all ( hum, not really but let’s be open) to make a world.


SWOLLEN Inktober2018 FV.jpg

Designing a poster for a play


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Working on a theatrical project, I have designed the poster for the play ( which basically tells the story of men shot as example during WW1, and their rehabilitation thereafter).


Here is what I came up with.


Later I’ll post the inktober promt ( “angular”, talk about non-inspiring)