When seemingly senseless or outrageous events occur, one question is always on my mind: Cui bono? (Latin for: Who benefits from this? I’ve studied Latin for 7 years at school, might as well be put to use once in a while)

This next November will mark the 60th anniversary of sad events.

On Monday 25th November 1963, three men were buried, after they’d been assassinated, all part of the same curious case. How strange.

Two were supposedly killed by the third, who would be shot 2 days later by a shady character, a strip club owner, with ties to the mob and probably government agencies.

One of them was the 35th President of the USA, JFK.

The second was a policeman of Dallas PD, JD Tippit, a striking JFK lookalike.

The third was a covert CIA operative (but never acknowledged as such later by the agency), Lee Harvey Oswald. He was also the pasty, the fall guy, without a motive to kill a president.

Bizarre. It inspired me to create this ink drawing. (below).

Lee Harvey “Patsy” Oswald- Ink drawing copyright FV Jan 2023

I like logic, I like when facts make sense or can be explained with solid coherence and congruity. I’m rational and have a no-nonsense approach to things.

Blurred zones of mist and foggy explanations irritate me. I don’t suffer fools gladly, especially when some of those fools think they are smartasses that think we (the public) are too stupid to put straight facts together, point out loopholes, and draw our own conclusions.

In that respect, I never subscribed to the narrative of one lone nut killer in Lincoln’s, MLK’s, JFK’s or RFK’s cases…

Because so many people had to gain from those deaths on political, economical, social, military, and civil rights levels that it’s just too good to be true or coincidental that those reformers and progressists suddenly, at the most opportunistic time, become the target of an alleged nut job, and that things don’t change.

Edgar J Hoover, the FBI director, could produce within the next hour after the shots were fired on Dealey Plaza and JFK was rushed to Parkland hospital and died, a complete profile of the ex-marine and secretly (but that was denied by the agencies at the time) covert CIA operative and “lone shooter” Oswald.

How convenient.

A fabricated profile would be a better rendition of the reality that prevailed at the time.

Now, the only question that begins to provide an answer is:

Cui bono? Who benefits from the crime(s)?

Who benefits from JFK being out of the way and no longer here to promote peace, integration, and equal civil rights, as well as his brother, Attorney General RFK on a mission to dismantle the mafia?

Who gained from an ex-marine, supposedly a defector of the USA for Russia, a covert CIA agent, being labeled the killer of a president, so that any deeper investigation would immediately stop?

Who benefited from the lookalike of JFK being shot too around the same time? Could it be so that he would serve as his double for the president’s autopsy photoshoot?

Before blasting : “Conspiracy theory!”, ponder for a moment.

Why are there so many inconsistencies, discrepancies, contradictory pieces of evidence, falsifications, magical appearance or problematic disappearing of evidence, conversations in reports, testimonies, notes, records, tapes, footage, etc?

Why, why, why? Who gained from all this?

Newly declassified documents and archives are now accessible and provide documents that shed light upon many zones that have remained murky or deliberately been muddied until recently.

If the theory of the lone shooter who allegedly fires 5 shots which among them 3 are fatal, through the foliage in less than7 seconds, on a moving target, (with one bullet making twists and turns up in the air to harm 2 men in 4 different spots) and doesn’t miss his target, makes you question the official narrative, I leave it to you to do a little digging…

Even the JFK Presidential and Library Museum website leaves room for thoughts on this, stating that: “Bullets struck the president’s neck and head and he slumped over toward Mrs. Kennedy. The governor was shot in his back.”

If you’re ok with the Warren Commission findings, I hope this post has not stirred your beliefs.

But yes, really, the key to the mystery resides in the many answers (that declassified documents can now provide) to this simple question: Cui bono?