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All the books on self-improvement, personal development, almost all movies and much of the fictional literature seem to be teaching us mainly one thing, namely : discovering why we are here and being unashamed to be ourselves. We fear so many things, and yet, fear is just a prison we step into willingly. Instead of fear  have faith. Instead of fearing you will not succeed, have faith that you are already successful. Be fearless. Be you.  Be fearlessly YOU.The others will not notice the difference. If they are bothered by you, then, they also will be bothered by you being fearlessly you. So, WTF?

from LOMM

from LOMM

We are constantly reminded that we can only approach a satisfying level of happiness when we allow ourselves to accept every aspect of our personality, the shady side and the bright one. Things to improve and things already good in us.

It sounds easy, and the multiple quotes we may come across during the day make us think that it’s easy. In a way, it is. The main obstacle may be precisely our very self. This self we have difficulty to accept sometimes or all the time, or to understand , or that is playing tricks on us, because there are times when we are hit by sadness, discouragement, depression, anger, fear, loneliness, jealousy. There are times when the pressure is to hard to contain, or is triggered by a word, a song, something that add a little more steam and then we are, astonished by our own reaction.

We are seldom upset by perfect moments of happiness. And when we are overjoyed or experiencing bliss, we rarely do things that we are not very satisfied with.

So we learn to deal with it. The best way being, of course, to regret nothing and integrate those reactions into our global self, and to carry on. Problem is : we are our strongest censor, which can lead to sabotage our strategy to reach our goals. In those moments, we become our own personal enemy. And this enemy can stick around for a very looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

Usually, we are judging ourselves by assuming what others think about us. And usually, we give a shit whereas they do not. They just do not bother taking time to reflect on it. They just have no time for you.

Wise quote - from Pinterest

-from Pinterest


So, instead, it’s probably safer and easier to sign a truce and work with the power hidden in our shady side.

And carry our load a little farther, a little longer and a little stronger. Micro-victories upon ourselves that we can be proud of, and that we can use to fuel our dedication  to reach those impossibly crazy goals. Shoot for the Sun, and you’ll land amongst the stars.

Take a hero, a simple noble heart. A model to help you harness your desires and your dreams, a powerful figure to restore your courage and your will, a personality packed with kindness and determination, a genuine model for you to travel side by side on the chaotic and marvelous path of life.

Read his or her biography, and you’ll discover all the battles he or she had to fight, the somber moments of self-deprecation or adversity which clouded their courage or sincere enthusiasm.

Choose your hero, your mentor, your Pygmalion wisely, for he or she’ s gonna be your guide, your teacher, your personal coach, your inspiration and your reference in values you want to stick to or you are willing to attach to your life to, to your personality and your work. You want this person to become a part of your self-empowerment, the foundation upon which you will structure your own personal architecture, because you have higher goals, or achievements for your self and your beloved ones than others can think of.

And you will succeed. You are already on the path of success.

We all are, from the minute we decide we want to better ourselves and respond to our true call and put all our energy, forces, strengths, life-driven desires and iron determination. Stay loyal to your life, self, call, hero. Honor them and fuel them with joy and hard work, self-confidence and kindness towards others.

As for me,  the strong figure and perfect model, this hero, is George Leigh Mallory, the British climber who pioneered the route to Mount Everest from the North Col.

GLM Quote

GLM Quote

Happy Holidays and a jolly merriment to you all ! ‘Tis the season…