Hello All, dear fellow oddjobbers and readers,

Just a quick reminder for us all (and me particularly) : do not quit, tackle the task with renewed energy and trust that completion is just there, within reach.

(I know it, I just finished another short story yesterday,  I just need to CLING to the idea that I can do MORE).

I have to write more, edit faster, and harness this reflex of sitting at my desk no matter what with an increased will power.

Discipline, I love you, come visit me more often.

Because I am  a                      Image

(image : Pinterest)

(For the bonus, see at the bottom : it’s a poem I wrote a while back)

So here’s the deal I made with myself : write 5 pages a day. In English,  in French, in German, in gibberish. I have segmented it : ideally it should be like that  : one page for a short story, one page for this novel I begun a while, one page for poetry, and the two remaining pages to whatever feels good or easy to write. Because sometimes, when you are engulfed in one project, an idea belonging to another project is nagging, and won’t let you be in peace until you have acknowledged it, and taken time to do something about it.

I have become more abstemious about the time I allow to writing. I do much preparation while driving, or shower (how cliché is that?), at the doctor’s or while at the grocer’s (this is a screenwriter’s tips : take your characters with you, it gives good insight an indications about their psychology).Thus leading to higher efficiency, probably. Anyway.


           (source Pinterest &Katy Jeffords)

All that to say that this assignment to produce 5 pages a day is harder than I thought, yet I will not give in.

Mind you, 5 p/day x 360 ( I allow 5 days to call in sick and to be exempted) =1.800 p/ year.

Average pages/ fiction book : 200.

So 5 p/day equals 9 books per year,  Or 15 scripts of 120 p (= 120 min), or 32 TV screenplays of 55 min. Or 300 short stories of 6 pages each. (Whoah, I wish I can produce 300 short stories within  a year!)

Makes a girl think.

And write.

Well, I think I need a secretary to type all that, now…..;-D

Flo, not caffeinated enough this morning.

PS : What have you been writing lately?


It’s been a long time since I said I write many things, if you are interested, please find below a poem written in English.

Let me know if you liked it! (If not, then, please keep it for you, thank you) . And do not worry, I’m deeply in love with life.

Life’s a bitch  ©FloreVaVF

Sometimes, I don’t like Life

And need to think of an exit

Surely from an obliging knife

I could borrow a way to quit.

But I guess I love you too much, bitch

So I’ll just grab you by the throat

To get it steady when you twitch

And change the chapters you ghostwrote.

Many times, I’ve carried my fate

Heavy as a burden, whereas your stupid minions

Display disgusting luck like a cheap bait

For others to feed on like ravens.

I guess we love you too much, bitch

So we grab you by the throat,

To get satisfaction before we ditch

In their mouth a symbolic banknote

All this time, I wanted you, Life

To explain how you chose my path

Why you throw at me constant strife

As you demand respect instead of wrath.

Let me guess, you’ve loved me, bitch

And you’ve grabbed me by the throat

At birth, so in my poor heart you would stitch

This endless hope that I will stay afloat

This endless hope gets me to think we’ll stay afloat

This endless hope gets me to think we’ll stay afloat