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Hi folks

well, it’s been a long pause, not only because of summertime.

The time between the last post and this one saw many changes in me, for me and those around me, long story short : all areas are impacted : friends, family, health, work, personal and less personal, adjustments and all along with me in this adventure : the emotional roller coaster (not just me, but the ones close to me too).  

To stay afloat and remain “zen” one solution >> meditation and deep breathing. Even moved houses >> paint job ongoing!

Good news is I focused more on writing and career and reached the final sentence of 2nd book (drama novel), on which I had been working for more than 3 years and a half. Sent to publisher, there will be some editing, but the baby has safely been delivered.

Secondly, personal growth (always good I should say) and greater clarity about career path, and side tracks, new ideas and new friends (kindred spirits,  who cannot like that?) and business partnership taking shape (oh Joy).

Thirdly, glorious time in London (work, research, friendships and a bit of craziness with sister >>>delightful). In LDN I met incredible people, went to incredible venues and parties and even was invited to the ceremony of lawyers being called to the bar in one of the 4 Inns, it was fantastic, saw old friends, made new ones and got to make new acquaintances, went for a drink at the Aquashard  and had dinner at the Oxo Brasserie with lil sis. Went to Chichester theater Fest, attended talks and strolled the hills of the Heath. Even went to see the last live show of the Monty Python gang! Such fun! Monty Pythoned since an early age, I could not miss it.


Oh the glorious, glorious time!

20140731_142429                 20140731_141921

And lastly, my poem  “Vingt ans en Quatorze” (Twenty years old in 1914) received the 1st Prize, category French, from the David Burland Poetry Prize, based in the UK. Great honor and deep joy.

Happy? More than that!

Adios, Pharrell Williams ! You can stay in your room, because I M HAPPY and I am the one who set fire to the dancefloor  this 18th of August when the results were published!

My mind is bursting with ideas, I am finishing another story (ebook maybe?) and a set of short stories for lit comps.

Developing a certain project also,  that has nothing to do with the written word and it make me feel good too,  I am a bit tired but am bursting with energy on a creative level.

Hope you are feeling energised too, and supremely so!

So long folks! Be successful, stay safe, create and nurture well your body, spirit, and mind.