Articles about my book about midlife crisis and identity crisis and expatriate situation (the action is set in London) have been published lately in one online magazine (another one soon to follow) and on the website of Entrepreneurs Expatriates and I am very happy about it. And grateful to the journalists who wrote them. The following days the book sales did well and it is very rewarding and this boosts the morale! I wish for every writer to experience it.


I also had an interview with a  French blogger based in Shanghai (soon to be back in France for the next 3 years) last Thursday.

Last month I also got interviewed live on a radio show in Vienna, on the radio of a French speaking radio program. The radio show is Les Sardines Francophones. The radio host, Claire, wants to do a more detailed interview and I will be meeting with here in Vienna in July.

She was very interested in the book, even saying that some points featured in the article in le Petit Journal echoed with her life as an expat woman.

As a writer and a blogger she also gave me good advice and assured that I should put together a blogtour of my book.

I had thought about it, but had no precise idea where to begin, and I am mostly connected with English writing bloggers or writers.

Here are the links to the articles :

Le petit Journal


Here also a link to my bio if you were interested in learning a little more about me 😉


I will keep you posted, folks!

BTW, If you are a blogger (or know one) blogging about writing and/or expatriation and /or London, and willing to do a review or my book I will be happy to get in touch with you and provide you with a full Q&A and synopsis of the book!

Thanks for your support, I am glad my endeavours finally got the results I wanted!

Hope yours get you to meet your dreams.