Hey folks

I think I owe you an explanation as for my long silence>

Firstly , I discovered, much to my own disappointment, that I am not as regular in posting as I wish/think/ hoped I would be. (How annoying is that? DO you also have issues in posting? for most of what I see, apparently not).

I must perk up my  discipline I guess or overcome my shyness to write in English, because being not a native speaker, I sometimes feel I should not pretend I can write proper English, elaborate balanced and interesting sentences like, say Mrs Woolf did so well.

Anyway , I try my best and I hope your are kind enough not to stumble upon each of my mistakes or grammatical errors. (thank you again a thousand times).

Yet I have ideas for a post and I guess the everyday life is an easy escape to not sit and open the dashboard, as I might stare, blankly winking at the screen, in search of the perfect words combo.

In my own little brainy world and fairy words pool of thoughts, I have produced already hundreds of oh-so-interesting (hopefully) posts… That never went out of  the tip of my fingers sliding on the silent keyboard to see the light. The one post about writing poetry and daring to say you actually write such thing, the one about how words empower us or free us, writers or not, the one about people struggling to connect with their emotions, the one about seeing one’s parents ageing and how to tackle the ugly beast of Time eating us up in the end, the beauty we find in every little thing, provided we look harder and deeper…


I ‘ m sure I am not the only one, and we can rejoice in the fact that nonetheless our friends and kindred spirits on the blogo are kind and forgiving and understand that we achieve sometimes less in a given field but more in the other…

By the end of August 2014, I had the immense joy to receive the 1st prize of Poetry (category French) of the David Burland International Prize (again, yes) for my Poem “Vingt ans en Quatorze” (Twenty years old in 1914) and it has been featured in a CD, read by Michel Francois (magnificently I must say, he conveyed  the emotion very well).

Last March, I set up and founded my publishing company  to publish my last Opus, Quarantaine Blues…. Yeah, my rules, my company, my publishing calendar, no “Your manuscript got lost in the cyberspace when you sent it to us” (seriously? yes, prev publisher told me that, and….hum, I doubt they even read it when  I sent it a second time, since they did not answered in 7 months, after they promised to publish it in Sept 2014).  Too bad for them, because it is selling well , has been featured in 3 articles so far, and will be circulating in various books clubs, will be in two other blogs soon…

I released another book under another pseudonym in April,  and I did not participate in the Burland Prize this year.

And today I received the proof copy of my next book to be published, a techno-thriller of a new genre, ecologic if you please.

Many typos to correct but it shall be ready for uploading  on Amazon next week…

And a poet friend asked to have her works published via my publishing company (as she is talented and the poems are very well crafted, the style is perfect, the grammar impeccable and the whole thing extremely well written and as she fits in the editorial line, I agreed).

So kinda busy lately, no time to post, but good rehearsal in my thinking head…

Hope you folks are doing well despite this rainy weather ( as for me, I love the rain, always have and have been very weary of the severe droughts we experienced here in Texas in 2010-13), so long rainy days and the musical sound of the drops drumming on the windows are pure joy. ( I love the sun too)

Wishing you a lovely day, dear friends I bid you goodbye and till my next post and leave you with this picture…