Hello friends


How time flies! The preparation for the exhibition (as part of the WW1 Cultural project) about the Forgotten Heroes of the Great War that I will be curating in March is taking up so much of my time. Between the research for documents, writing the texts, sourcing genuine artifacts on ebay, designing the posters for both the exhibition and the play, and all the side tasks required regarding the theatrical performance! ( I’ve been promoted to Sound operator last week! And decor assistant, meaning crafting a “trench”and false sand bags, and giving a hand with the costumes), I found no time to stop here and chat with you.

Exciting , exciting project and very time consuming. Not a single moment to get to draw, as I wished I would, after the Inktober challenge, which saw me so pumped up ! I received a fab graphic tablet for Christmas (thanks to DH) and the possibilities are just calling my name in a very tempting voice… Well, it’ll have to wait until all the panels are put together, and sent to the printer (which requires them for the 1st week of February, and OMG!!! it’s tomorrow the first day of the first week of Feb!!!!! *almost faints*) and I can get one hour or two to draw a beautiful ink scene.

Did I show you the poster? Maybe not, my memory has been experiencing an eclipse season lately.

I’ll just post it now, so you get an idea. Remember the silhoutes of soldiers I drew in October? Here they are, in the definitive layout.

Alright, it’s been nice taking a (too) short break to be with you, I go back to the maps of the world pre-1914 and the apetites of the colonial empires, and all the hot broth boiling with nationalist and independentist claims that was Europe just before the Archiduke got shot ( he should have stayed in bed that day poor sausage).