Spell. Copyright F.Vitel 2020

Following a very interesting discussion a few days earlier with a bookshop manager, I got the idea to draw another SPELL, because the wide spreading smartphone/socialmedia/electronic device/apps addiction seems now impossible to thwart, and it affects everyone.

Just go into a coffeeshop, and look at the customers. Too few are not glued onto their little screen.

What happened to good old-fashionned dreamy gazes, impromptu conversations, advices on which beverage to choose, and fortuitous smiles, and nodding, and cheering when we stumble upon a friend or an acquaintance? What happened to those micro-connections, when our eyes meet a stranger’s or a friend’s eyes?

What happened to those tiny glimpses of soul sharing?

Eyes riveted onto those screens that dag us into a world of synthetised emotions, and pseudo connections, we lose what what once a joy and a reason to rejoice : the ability to communicate in a friendly way.

Glued onto those screens, we do not see the person in front of us in the line steping into a dance move briefly as their favorite music plays, or seeing their amazing hair, or fashion style, we become oblivious of all the wonders that surround us…

So, let’s hope there will be more of those who switch off their device, who do not answer their phone as soon as it rings, when they are chatting with somebody, or admiring art in a gallery or a museum.

I often get scolded because I do not answer my phone right away when it rings. Mind you, I prefer to control my phone rather than they other way round.

Time to launch a new movement : I’m smarter than my smartphone, so I keep it under control.

What do you think?

Have a good day fellow bloggers, oddjobbers, readers and friends,