I like coffee and I love movies and series and…

…I write.

I am a writer.  I just rediscovered that unexpectedly. I reconnected with that part of me only two years ago, just before moving to the USA. An acquaintance of mine  who turned out to be a coach approached me (she’s a friend now).  In exchange of me being one of her clients to practice her skills and tools on (so that she could get her certification), she would give me a whole session (7 hours) of free coaching .

I have long adopted the  motto : “when life hands you lemons, do not regret those are not oranges, and make a good lemonade out of them”.

So, here I was, presented with a crazy opportunity. A “win/win” opportunity.

So I accepted and made my lemonade. I had no clue I needed a coach. But I needed one. In the first place,  it helped me assume this identity, my writer identity. The working identity, this social cloth you have to wear when people ask what you do in /of your life, and that everyone can translate into chunks of perception of your person. Not that they will really understand your being, your (personality/soul,…you name it), or simply you. It just helps them in creating a shape in which you can fit. Easily identifiable.

Now, 5 months after the session has ended, I am proofing a book I already wrote in 2010. I have been working on the corrections for too long now, and I need (soooo badly) to have that one finished and sent to find its path to publication… Paradoxically, to gather forces from other fields and make a mind change, I also wrote a novel,  have half-written a second, produced a novella, dozens of poems and I am involved in a scenic project (a friend proposed we produce something together, she’s working on it on her side, me on mine, and we meet, acknowledge things, meet again, see the progress, it’s wonderful).

I am in the state where I need to think of the future of those writings and their making into books. First will come this proofed book. Considering the subtle arcane of such an adventure, a business plan is needed (I come from marketing, y’know), in order to market the product (the book) and the brand (pen name/author and maybe what stands behind).

I suppose that a literary agent will ask : “so, you write… and do you have a blog?”.

How very embarrassing it must be to confess that, well….lack of  audaciousness…and time, hum….busybusybusy….

No this cannot be an acceptable anwser

One  wants to write, one writes since childhood, there’s no other work in the whole world that brings more joy. It makes one’s guts on fire when one answers people’s questions about the subject.

So I started a blog. I must confess that it’s been a while (ahem, nearly 4 years…) that I wanted to experiment the blogging thing.

And it is hard. And demanding. And one wants to change subjects, or the tagline. All the time. Until one finds on’es songline. ( it’s a clumsy reference to Bruce Chatwin for you, but utterly meaningful to me).

As I need entire jugs of caffeine to force my eyes to stay open (life is short, and things must be done, the Big Sleep will provide plenty of time to rest), as I am a cinema fan from an early age (I started to read the upscale TV magazine received at home, with cinema review, critics and intelligent comments, very “Cahiers du Cinéma”-ish, if that rings a bell,  @ 9years old, and had begun to watch the Midnight Club cinema, when I was 14 and never stopped since), I knew I had to blog about those subjects. And occasionally about  myself (like I just did), but do not be afraid, it won’t happen often ;-).

I’ll do my best to produce decent posts, and please my readers, who are so kind to spend a moment with me. Do not be harsh on judging me or my style, English is not my mother-tongue, nor am I an experienced blogger. Let me experiment your benevolence, fellow bloggers. We have so much to learn.

Stay tuned.