Mr. Coffee is one of my best friends.



Comforting, strong, warming. He’s a good chap, never willing to override the ideas that belong to others. On the contrary, he helps in developing them creatively (ask Voltaire).

He’s a good co-worker to work with, supportive and quietly present.

He does not take much space in my office, and he is reliable. I can always count on him to perk me up and instill stamina when days are set on the gloomy side. He always agrees to come with me in fancy places to meet some friends and usually seeks to please me in every way, cool and subtle in summertime or warm and spicy when cold winds swirl around my shivering shoulders.

I am never bored in his company and he can reach my most inner thoughts and nodd silently like an old trusted friend.

Although his great old  fame grants him access to the table of the most influential people ;  although he is praised all over the world, with  thousands of people working for him, he never becomes pretentious nor patronizing.

He is humble, and when correctly handled, can bring out the best of you, by giving you the best of him. His scent is unmistakable.


Whether ready to use or in need of a little preparation, he is surely bound to give you his best. Just brew it.