We all know the Everly brothers and their song “Dream, dream dream”.

Source : wikipedia, Everly Brothers

Have a try, replace the word “dream” by “Tweet” and you’ll get the picture. It works with the entire song, without becoming (too) silly 😉

I decided to bring some fun in my Tw*tter bio (life is so short, you know and a smile is always worth a bit of taking (small) risks* (my account being suspended?), and I have taken the pledge to “update” it  everyother day, with a funny aspect of my life/aspirations/whatever momental inspiration, hence my post here.

*hey buddy, that’s “auto-derision” and ironic, of course …

Check it out and let me know if you smiled. Good day to you.

PS : More seriously : one screenwriting idea : “What if Julius Cesar was utterly shy and short-sighted, afraid of horses, and keen on playing  chess all day  but at one point got kicked in the ass coached  by his wife to conquer the world ?

What do you think about that one?

Too Mel-Brook-ish ? Not new? (maybe)