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It’s been a while.

Since I went to London and since I last posted. Flying from the USA takes some time, y’know.

But…Here I am, at last. L-O-N-D-O-N.

Union Jacks here, Union Jacks there, Union Jacks displayed everywhere…

And I mean…everywhere

Even Jamie is harvesting on the big bargain of this overdose of Jacks.

Still, it is a joyful sight. Especially when it’s wrapped with humour and wit.

Jubilee souvenirs are available in every imaginable form, and souveni

r short-bread tins can make unforgettable keepsakes. That, if you live in England’s capital, you know already. If you are a tourist you know that also, and you may have also purchased some to bring home.

Every body knows that. That and the other  that.

 That  = the next Olympics taking place in LDN.

(That is, you know it, unless you live on a desert island and your wireless is broken down, or you are ans ostrich with the head buried down in the sand….Of course)

Anyway. Not only did I wondered about these R
oyal delights and Olympics pride, I also walked an awful lot, like maybe 5-6 hours a day, taking too many pictures, stopping too many times in a caff or a tea house, and once a day in a pub (after theater or before, for a London Pride)…

Musing in animated streets, having a coffee in nice caffs, stumbling upon beautiful shops, riding the Double deckers to here and there, spotting an indie movie scene being shot at Marble Arch (indian music blasting and wind blowing everyone’s hair in their face… quite a funny sight), chatting with fellow members of  Urban Walks over a beer in a pub after a 3 miles stroll in South Kensington, discussing soccer tactics (well,  listening mainly, as I prefer rugby), soaking into the exquisite models of theatrical decors in the section of the V&A dedicated to Theatre and Performance…these have been the highly pleasurable activities I became entitled to those past days.



I particularly appreciated a boutique of fine chocolates, in Kensington High Street, Hotel Chocolat, and the friendly staff provided me with a good deal of information about the ideas behind the concept,while sipping a great caramel hot chocolate and delicates truffles and chili chocolate bouchées. (They kindly allowed me to take pictures.) Service was excellent, and the chocolates were fantastic. Thanks.




Went to the theatre twice so far, saw The Woman in Black (great effects, great play) at the Fortune, a small delightful theatre, and Sweeney Todd, at the grand Adelphi , amzingly Art Deco, and extraordinary décor, which I had seen already as a miniature in the V&A. (Imelda Staunton is amazing…).

War horse is COMPLETELY sold out. Oh, Dear. I’ll have to wait until it tours the USA then…

I’d like to see the 39 steps too, and Henry V, if possible (and if playing now).

With all those UK flags printed or wrapped everywhere, I’m thinking about getting my own Jack and wrapping myself into it as a night gown, before going to sleep, each night…I could do so for the entire duration of my stay, just to infuse the very Britishness of it all deep down into my bones and reconnect with this British part added to my blood and DNA by a Great grand mother and other Norman ancestors.


It’s chocolate, tea and shortbread time at this hour for me, thanks to Mr Jetlag…

Color me London tonight…..

So long, dear readers.


Hotel Chocolat
163 Kensington High Street
W8 6SU

Tel:             020 7938 2144