I like pretty much everything about the V&A.

I like the Antiquities department, and the displays about the Theatre , I like the exquisite tearoom, and the sculptures.


The Japanese art section is a marvel, and I recommend the netsuke collection, those little buttons attached to the belt to hold small items like purse, small boxes and other objects.

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My insomnia is finished, I have resumed my work, to put an end to this novel (5 chapters to go, oh my) about a guy who inherited a collection of Japanese Artifacts, and faces a mid-life crisis (no relation).

8 short stories have been selected and sent to my publisher. I wait for the “maquette”. We must discuss the format. Cover is chosen. The next step is soon there. Excitement, excitement!!

Here’s an excerpt of one short story : A Dinner At Tamanrasset Observatory

” They had endured a scorching sun; suffered soared muscles, their skin or feet had dealt with the tiny thorns of the cram-cram, this plague of the wanderer, they had  experienced almost freezing temperatures while sleeping in the open nestled in a bed of sand, they had eaten monotonous meals, peppered with sand, they had faced mechanical problems, helped fellow Saharians, met improbable people in improbable situation, got injuries from slipping, saw sudden walls of water carrying away their equipment. Sometimes, the immense silence had flooded their mind; as a result, they felt emptied of themselves, to have afterwards a sensation of being filled by the spirit of Nature.

Now they were sharing the Saharian brotherhood around a frugal yet delicious and unforgettable dinner under the stars.

The souvenir of the dinner in the middle of the desert, this coq au vin worth a 3 stars award remained unspoiled. Later, the story would be passed down to their children. They implicitly committed to a life-lasting friendship that night….”

keep you posted, dear fellow odd jobbers, providers of magical written words and beautiful art!

The sun is bright and the sky immensely blue, wishing you all a great day!