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Hello oddjobbers

new year means new set of resolutions and goals, excellence to strive for and schedules to be followed.


Last year, I had the great opportunity (I worked  wisely to make it happen, though) to go to the Santa Fe film fest and I met several people, and discussed various topics related to filming, low/zero budget short films planning, production and so forth. I was invited to the wrap-up party and to date, this event is one of the most memorable events I’ve been too since I’m a US resident. Like many fellow harmony seekers, I have decided to set out a bunch of new resolutions (because health, work, achievements, personal bliss and family and friend  happiness are obvious resolutions to stick to, I don’t even mention that), and keep them in mind everyday during 2014 to follow through.

Since I’ve submitted script material to film fests, as a member, I happen to receive an update on every forthcoming film related events, fest, contests, etc. I’d like to post more about the subject, and I want to submit more material that I did last year.

I’ve gathered also information on a nearby Community Center to possibly enter a film-making program, whose founder and lead teacher  had his students qualify for Cannes film fest in 202 (and win!). I need my transcript and then I can proceed with the enrollment.

Ok ,so now that I’ve shared that with you there’s no turning back…

Here some film fest some of you might interested in, either to submit a doc, a short, a feature, a script.

Enjoy and best wishes!

ATHENS INTERNATIONAL (oscar qualifying)
Athens, Ohio – USA
April 11 to 17, 2014

New York, New York – USA
Monthly Screening Series
Please click on each link to land on the film fest website.
Enjoy and good work!
F; inspired.