Being a writer, apart from being a lonely job, seldom immediately rewarding or even bringing daily satisfaction is also about being able to reach out to get your work noticed, remarked, chosen, published, and ultimately, read. Because, we , oddjobbers, do not write just for ourselves, to answer our true nature or to find answers, or maybe because we want to temporarily dwell into a better place than the one we actually have to deal with,(or have had to deal with in the past), or to entertain others and ourselves, we must also tackle the task of putting that handkie on the shyness or unwillingness to get out of the study, and deal with the world outside and the readership that awaits us. It’s about becoming bolder, more self-confident and proudly starting to  talk about what we do, what we write and sometimes, (when asked) explain why we write and how our stories enter others’ mind, soul or thoughts, and how they mingle with their own life. Because it’s all about feeling that what happens or has happened was once experienced by others, thus allowing closure, joy, sadness, anger, a sense of empowerment in a way, to come to the surface of our souls underneath the polishing of society  (and how to behave in any circumstance). Then you find yourself talking to a friend or a stranger and sharing personal facts, and beyond the emotion that suddenly resurfaces, a bond emerges, and at that point, you know that your lonely hours of writing, fighting with yourself not to censor yourself too harshly, or precisely because it’s painful to revisit some memories, are not vain. You put words on situations and emotions and you allow others to speak up their soul because you gave them the words they were searching for. They can own those emotions because they can express them, because you gave them words, be it poetry, fiction, a song, an ode, a line in a play, a dialogue between characters in a script…

It’s a lonely task, to write, but you’re not alone.

And the next stop now is : marketing your talent, getting that readership that craves for your words. It’s time to have those bookmarks printed and the flyers and postcards too, to include in any correspondence (even bills, why not?) .

Time also to try that fancy cafe and propose and schedule a signing… They will be more than willing to host your signing event, trust me. I’m organising mine already  😉


(picture copyright 2014 FVFOX, communication postcard)

Good day to you, fellow oddjobbers, keep up the good work!