Last Sunday, I went in Midtown district with a friend and we took our time on Montrose Blvd and  entered in a tiny place, just across the Library and the Black Labrador (of which I’ll post later), near the premises of University St Thomas.

The place has an atmosphere similar to those found in European cafés. Some students are curled up on a corner with their boy/girlfriend. Some are working on their computer, one bloke next to our table was stuck into a seemingly impossibly long article in his newspaper. And we were like the 5 fingers of the hands, pleased with our beverage and our seats.

Lovely crockery for a lovely brew, with soymilk, please. My friends took the expresso, it was Latte for me.

Definitely a nice spot.

Dirk’s Café

4005 Montrose Blvd Houston, TX 77006