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…Let’s face it, basically, I am a tea drinker.  And a TV addict. (No reality shows, just series). I pair them often.

That does it. I'm going to the dark side.

Source : http://pinterest.com/chicoulino/coffee-addict/

Over the years, though, I have developed a strange addiction to coffee too. And my interest for the telly grew deeper. Remember the rebroadcasting of  The Prisoner or the Persuaders, or even better, the Avengers ? Or The Twilight Zone, Galactica, Falty Towers or A bit of Fry and LaurieI started watching the Midnight Cinema when I was 15 (and yep, it was Around Midnight) I waited for everyone to be asleep, so I could sneak into the TV room. In the dark,  I discovered old gems.  Bogart, Jimmy Stewart, Laurence Oliver came into my life and haunted my dreams.


Source : weheartit.com on http://pinterest.com/chungyky/tv-addict/

I commented the TV program with classmates over a coffee. I was bitten.

First addictions ever. Impossible to overcome. Not willing to do so, anyway.

Lately, I’ve glued my eyes on Mad MenHomeland *, Downton Abbey*the Mentalist*, Life*, Nurse Jackie, Lie to Me, Law and Order, after McCallum, Midsommer, Inspector Lewis, Jekyll, the Tudors, Absolutely Fabulous, MI-5, Doc Martin, Monarch of the Glen,n Magnum, Bones, CIS Las Vegas, NYPD Blue, Dream On, Dexter… 

Dying to see Jekyll,  Essex, Made in Chelsea, next ep of Psych, Collision, the Borgias…

What is your fave current TV series and “cofflavour” ?

* I’ll post on those later…