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….What the heck am I talking about, you may ask….

Well, I just (hum…yesterday) stumbled upon….this.

No, I did not stumble upon Miss Johansson (though in this issue of Vogue, she wears a utterly gorgeous silk dress by Nina Ricci that I won’t despise owning, should you know).

Look closer. The box.

It is a box of COFFEE PASTILLES.


I know.

Me neither.

But yes.

I tried them this morning (no time to grind and brew) and it was….perfect (for a product like that) , flavour is there, no too sweet (well maybe if you prefer the beverage unsweetened, of course), not too bitter. Packed with the rich aromas you can find in a cup of Jamaican goes Arabica bean.

From Vermont!

AND green AND fair trade. AND delicious.

And practical.

So, problem solved. Wanna have your daily shot? No coffee shop around? No friends’house nearby to rush into to fix a brew?

It even smells good coffee.

No need to worry, my caffeinaddicted friend. Vermints is for you.

And a pastille lasts as long as a sipping of a cup. The cup is in your pocket, now.

Oh, yeah!