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Want to experiment vintage sensations? Want to ride a horse on a jolly bonnie galloper platform? Fed up of ads for sodas, or phone operators plastered on every wall or panel while you’re having a ride on the bumping cars? Bored of plastic molded toy cars or boats of the thrill rides?

Try something new, and paradoxically enough,  try it vintage.

You’re ripe for the Carter’s Steam Fair experience!

After heavy showers, sun was shining again, and along with my London-based friends (who never even knew such a fair existed in the UK), I headed down to Dulwich (location changes and the Fair travels all around UK).

It took 25 minutes from Kensington by train and tube to reach the Fair .

 (I told you it was sunny…well, with still some clouds here and there) And then, at last :





The yard was soaked and muddy, and ruined our trousers and our sneakers or flats in a minute, but as the sun was warming and the sky, bright blue, and the carousels were so lovely and vividly coloured, that we  chose to stay on a positive mindset.


















Old wooden carousels or vintage tin cars merry go rounds, penny arcades, and mighty strikers attraction to challenge one’s strength, shooting stall or ball throws, everyone can enjoy the fair…








Even the candy floss tastes special here, like old child’s souvenirs of sugary candies and confections, coupled with the reminiscence of a scent of that powder used by a kind grand’ma with pink velvety cheeks.



Penny arcade : full of oldies goldies.







The bright shiny and glossy painted wooden gallopers provide an endless string of happy souvenirs attached with memories of forgotten moments, replaying as the retro music fills the air.












A wonderful micro-escape in time, among extremely exquisite gems of past days attractions.



Looking for something more goose pimply? Try the Chair-o-Plane or the Victory Dive Bomber for thrilling sensations.



We had a wonderful moment.




And we came back home, stopped for a LP at the pub around the corner, while waiting for our Indian take-away to be ready.  It all ended with an ep. of Mentalist, coupled by a hot cappuccino with a double dose of whipped cream.

It has been a lovely day.


Carter’s Steam Fair.  For dates and locations : http://www.visit.carters-steamfair.co.uk