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It does not take much and it makes all the difference.

Be yourself and be proud. A good philosophy, I should say….

So, here’s the only possible advice : Whatever your field, have you chosen your path or not (so far, things seemingly impossible at 25 can turn available to do 10 years later), there’s a way to make the best out of it : be yourself.

It’s sometimes scary, but try it, even if the others are surprised or do not fully understand. Allow yourself to be true and sincere. Because you need to allow your inner self to be known in order to recognize it yourself. You do not need to be strong all the time. Others need you to be strong, because it’s easier that way, minimum effort to be made. On the other hand, one can get tired of being always cheerful and with a smile plastered on the face, when one feels one needs a rest.

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It may be extremely long to figure out and to accept. But happiness, better still, bliss is worth the try, don’t you think?

Be bold.

Be fearlessly audacious.

Be as strong as you can. Allow yourself to be as weak as you feel. Hold on to your personal beliefs.

Honor yourself. Honor your emotions. They exist, they just need to be acknowledged for what they are and are then better dealt with afterwards.

Don’t let go of your very essence.

No one, NO ONE, will ever tackle the battlefield in your shoes. Some may fight for some rights they think they share with you, because they will find their achievement or their goal, or a brief distraction from their own struggle  in doing so, but remember, that in the end, you alone can fight for your self, and by your self.

You may and will find support and comrades entangled in the same human condition while en route to find your voice, you will also encounter joykillers, or abusive friends (and I wish you, instead, to stumble upon a fairplay enemy), and emotion cheaters or oblivious people…

Don’t let go of what is the true you, and do not be ashamed of your actions when they are a pure and sincere expression of you (provided, of course, they’re not malicious, that’s obvious, hey mate) or of your sheer emotions.

At least, 50% you meet do not like you, so be it… But for the right reason, ok?  People do not have to tell you what will bring you happiness. They do not know you, they do not know what your life is, if they are scared when you open a little the door about yourself, then, you won’t waste time with them, because who you are does not interest them. But only what you offer and what they can grab from you is the motivation.

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Be yourself, know yourself, embrace yourself with love. Empower yourself. It’s easy, it’s free, it can make happiness last forever. It’s within you and there’s chance that the discreet source inside your soul is obliterated by the tumult of this society or the uproar of others surrounding you. So listen carefully, trust it, trust your guts and your intuition and hold on to it.

Life’s too short.

Life really is too short…


Live as the being you are meant to be, not as the character they want you to embody.

I started to do it, and it’s better.

Floreva, a little more self-empowered tonight…