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Have you ever experienced it?

You write a scene with your fictional characters and bam! it happens in your life? Even when the two events occur one year apart? I mean, the scenes described occurred and everything fell exactly into place, what they do, or say (or say not). Or someone reads what you’ve written 18 months ago and just say : “Hey, I know that”, and you’ve just met them 3 months ago? (because we need to be read, right? it fuels our need to explain why we write, the reason of our being here, and makes sense when everything else just makes no sense at all).

Or you just put a certain set of information and details about some characters and they show up  for real? You meet people with those details in their life and they share it with you, things about them, things they do or have done, places they’ ve gone to, loooong after you created your fictional characters (like, 3 and 2 years ago….), and you think you’re trapped into the rewind thing of your dvd…

And it feels as if two parallels worlds have converged by chance (or is it?) into one event before continuing their own path, still parallel but bound to intertwine again…because you just happen to know it, deep down… see what I mean? Like, when you walk into a place and it feels just so familiar? You KNOW details about that place, even if it’s the first time you are here. As if your eyes and your body recognize it. This deja-vu impression may be quite disturbing or puzzling, I must say. Ever experienced it?

Weird, right?

Or is it just me?

Or is it normal, because the oddjobbers might have that “special” sensitivity/sensitiveness that makes them feel things long before they happen?

I am puzzled and baffled altogether, I must say.

Something of the kind just took place some days ago. And I had forgotten a good deal about what I had written in the 1st part of this drama, because I’ve edited it over a year now,and I am involved in other projects and in the second part of the drama…


Or is it because , having started to meditate, I see more clearly some aspects that were so buried inside me that, I kept stumbling upon, without even noticing there was recurring pattern?


I must find the samuraï within me and stop letting myself being troubled by such things, it’s ridiculous.

I must go back to my writings. No time to feel lightheaded.

I promise the next post will be more grounded and down to earth.

Happy day to you, dear readers, before this world ends in flames and chaos.