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The MadMen show is a hit (3.50 mio viewers on the premiere day, last March, in the US).

International Broadcasting. Multiple awards winner.

So, it was bound to happen. Now, 60’s elegance is inescapable if you are a city-dweller. It is impossible to pretend it is not there. And what zing this has !

In 2009-10 already,  Banana Republic stores in the US displayed clothing inspired by the series. They have teamed up again with MM prod/costume department to market  a limited Spring collection.

Fully advertised in Vanity Fair’s April issue.


Timeless elegance.

Calvin Klein, Brioni, Hickey Freeman, Hugo Boss, Brunello Cucinelli ads, in April VF issue.

Mad Men fashion is upon us. Well…more tight tailored preppy jackets, tightly fitting polo shirts and impeccable slacks…  that’s better than baggy worn out jeans and shapeless Tees.  Time has come to dig out vintage gems and glamour.