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Today, I need to extra-focus. I got to be making progress.

This work on Mallory MUST get significantly dealt with. I need to write more. Perhaps I have to climb Mount Everest myself too to find enlightenment….

As for now, I think, I’ll just need this helper…

… all day long, particularly in the library (where I will stay, glued on my computer, writing, writing, writing, correcting, again and again and again)…

I’ll take also my hot water in a thermos with me and get my caffeine as others just step outside to smoke their cig. With that other little helper.

To brew this.

Newbies (to me at least) from Starbs, found in the store yesterday night.

It’s  been 87 years and 11 months today that George Leigh Mallory and Andrew Irvine lost their lives high on the top of the world, about 500ft short of the summit.Next month, the 8th of june, it will be exactly  88 years that they have been resting on the mountain.

In memoriam.